Taking Pride in Our Five-Star Safety Rating for Dining at Our Care Home in Swinton, Manchester

Wellbeing should be at the centre of any trustworthy care home. In order to properly care for residents, all aspects of care should be focused on personal health. At Wentworth House Care Services, in Swinton, Manchester, we believe care home dining goes a long way to improving quality of life. Our skilled care home caterers use healthy ingredients to prepare nutritious food, ensuring each resident has a well-balanced diet.

Nutritious Dining to Suit Resident Requirements

Meals are an essential part of the day, and contribute to the wellbeing and personal satisfaction of each resident. That’s why our skilled chef creates a wide variety of balanced, nutritious dishes. Our food is prepared using healthy ingredients and only the freshest produce. In addition, we offer a variety of entertaining activities to ensure the residents are active throughout the day.


Catering to the Tastes of Our Residents

Our residents enjoy the delicious meals we prepare, as we cater to their tastes and preferences. A typical menu might include cereal or porridge in the morning, steak and kidney pudding with vegetables at lunchtime, as well as soup with sandwiches in the evening. We also serve tea or coffee mid-morning and mid-afternoon, accompanied by cakes and biscuits and drinks throughout the day.

Care Home Caterers with a Five-Star Rating

As reputable care providers, we take pride in the exceptional hygiene standards of our care home. So much so, that our kitchen has been awarded a five-star safety rating by Salford Council for two years running. This reflects both our high safety standards and unmatchable quality of our food. For added flexibility, residents may choose to dine in the home’s dining rooms or in their own rooms when they prefer.


Contact us, in Swinton, Manchester, to acquire more information about the healthy food prepared by our care home dining caterers.