Providing Unparalleled Care Services at Our Comfortable Residential Home in Swinton, Manchester

A Residential Home with Kind-Hearted Carers

Though moving your friend or relative into a home will provide care they require, it is understandable you may feel worried. Thankfully, our sympathetic carers offer reassurance to help you feel more relaxed.


Providing Care to Residents Who Have Dementia

As a specialist care home, we provide care to clients who have mild-to-moderate levels of dementia. Our respectful carers treat dementia residents requiring higher levels of personal support with dignity and patience.


Contact us, in Swinton, Manchester, to learn more about the dementia services we provide at our residential care home.

About Us

Choosing a residential care home that is right for your relative is an important decision that should be given much thought and consideration. As your loved one will be spending the majority of their time in the home, it should offer personal care that secures their happiness and wellbeing. At Wentworth House Care Services, in Swinton, Manchester, we create a supportive environment that enables each patient to maintain their dignity and independence. For more than 15 years our compassionate carers have delivered an unrivalled level of care to our residents, while specialising in dementia services. Of course the needs of each resident are unique, and vary depending on individual circumstances. While many of our residents have only modest care requirements, we also care for individuals who require 24-hour personal assistance. Whatever the need for care, we deliver our services with patience, kindness, and understanding. Renowned as a welcoming, family-orientated practice, we offer a wonderful, homely atmosphere. It is owing to our dedication that we are well-known as the most approachable practice in our area.